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The Conclave Board is honored to name Duke Wright, President and CEO, Midwest Communications, the 2016 Rockwell Award recipient.


The Rockwell Award honors individuals who have contributed to the industry as an inspirational leader, and a person of great accomplishment. The recipient has made lasting and significant contributions within radio, and also to the public radio serves.



Duke Wright started his radio career in 1958 as a teenage disk jockey at his family owned station in Wausau, WRIG-AM. 


Duke hosted a show called “The Nifty Fifties” on Saturday afternoon. It was the Top 50 songs compiled from record sales. And on Monday, you could go and get the sheet of “Nifty Fifty” records, scan the racks of 45s and buy the records you want.


After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Duke returned to manage WRIG and its FM companion which he put on the air in 1964. 


From those beginnings, Duke’s broadcasting career would span well over 50 years and still going. 


Duke Wright’s Midwest Communications is a family owned media company with 72 radio properties located in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana, Illinois and Tennessee.

Please join us in Congratulating Duke Wright – Conclave’s 2016 Rockwell Award recipient!





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